The Miracle Mindset, Part Four

So far, four beneficial methods to create or improve your miracle mindset have beendiscussedin previous articles: 1)Looking for the little wonders in your life; 2)Usingyour imagination; 3)Reconnecting with your faith; and 4)Looking for miracles inwhat you take for granted or in the ordinary.The fifth and final way will now berevealed.5.Work on uncovering your limiting beliefs.This one is more detailed andgenerally requires guidance, but here’s a step to get you started.When you saythe following statement to yourself, “I can’t because…” what’s the first thing thatcomes to mind? This exercise can help you uncover what’s in your way.Whateverfollows your “I can’t because” is one thing that you can start working on removingfrom your programming. Replace it with I can because…and decide on a phraseto follow your I can statement.Perhaps the statement looks like this: I can becauseI believe in myself. I don’t dream big; I dream bigger. The sky is the limit, so I reachfor the stars. This, by the way, is my life philosophy. I never believe I cannot dosomething. I believe most people can do whatever they set their minds to you.After I returned from teaching English in Egyptduringits 2011-12 violent revolution,I wrote my first book. I had taught writing for years but never had time to writemyself. In my mind and heart, I knew Egypt’s story—now a big part of my life aswell—must be told. InfourmonthsBecause I Believed in Me (My Egyptian FantasyCame True)was born with 153 photos. Many miracles have occurred since thepublication of my love story of Egypt: numerous interviews, magazine andnewspaper articles, the humble recipient of numerous prestigious awards,connections with incredible people doing amazing international work, etc. I nowwrite in all genres, except plays and screen plays, and will publish new booksbefore the end of 2021. My Egypt book will finally be translated into Arabic—asmall miracle I never expected to happen but wanted so much.Someone veryspecial is making this happen for me.A huge miracle occurred with the second book to be published in December2021.Six months after my knee replacement in 2014, I had a near fatal car accident andhad to be cut out of the car. I broke 8 bones, including my neck, 4 fractured leftside ribs, 2 fractures in my left pelvis, and a badly damaged lower left arm. My leftlung collapsed, and my sphene was lacerated. Four trauma doctors were assignedto me.Eighteendays were spent intwohospitals—threedays in ICU. I wore aneck brace for 93 days, have aneight-inch plate withsixpins in my arm, andeightmonths of PT on various parts of my body. My pain was excruciating. Recoverywas slow. I could have spent 2015 crying and feeling sorry for myself. My mindchose another path. I got on my laptop and with my right hand used my imaginationand typed my 400-word world adventure novelRandom Wanderings.It was mysalvation—my emotional and mental miracle—my escape from my pain. I hope

ou will read it when it comes out on the market.Like my Egypt book, it was writtenfrom my heart.Miracle mindset training takes time and patience. I have developed mine over the manydecades. As a child, I was shy and withdrawn. I started discovering myself incollege andhave continued to reinvent myself all my life.You can easily become consumed by fear.It’s in your programming,and it’s how you’re wired.But wiring and programming CAN bechanged back to your natural state of faith, love,and miracles.Developing a miracle mindset helps you develop an indomitable mindset of personalpower and expectation,so miracles become normal and achieving your dreams becomesthe rul

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