The Miracle Mindset, Part Five

Seven attributes can comprise a miracle mindset. They are the following: Let us examinethe first four. The last three will be discussed in the next article.Being resilient:Like a stressed muscle thebody repairs and builds, your resiliencegrows with each challenge. You perceive obstacles as opportunities and failures asoccasions for research and training as you daily pave your way to success. Even in themost trying circumstances you see there is always a way forward to achieve what is mostimportant for you. I could have easily given up and believed my doctors when they toldme I would never walk again. Teaching myself was so hard, but I challenged myself todo this, and I succeeded—my physical miracle.Living in the present: Living in the present moment allows you to be flexible enough toride the twists and turns of any challenge, crisis, project, or goal. You process what isgoing on as it happens, gleaning information that helps you make better decisions andchange course as needed. Your greater awareness offers opportunities to celebrate everysmall win along the way to success. I am so grateful for every moment of my life. Thestruggles and the victories I have experienced in my life have created me, flawed butgenuine. Each day I journey to discover all that I can be and all that I can achieve. Ichallenge each of you to begin your never-ending journey. I am a teacher but also aneternal student of life.Being courageous:Adults are conditioned at a young age to believe they can neverbreak away: limiting beliefs and fears keep you playing small. But you can break freewhen you believe fear is positive—it’s a sign that you are stepping outside of your comfortzone and staying open to new possibilities. You regularly feel fear and take on biggerchallenges as you surpass limits. I have had to face my fears and step outside my comfortzone dozens of times. It was hard at times, but what I have discovered is each time I takethat first step, it is a little easier than the time before it.Taking action:Small actions are potent when they head you in the right direction. Youset course each day and take actions that get you closer to your goal. As you focus onwhat is within your control and power, you realize how small efforts lead to change. Makea plan. If the first plan fails, make Plan B, C, D—as many as it takes to achieve your goals.Being resilient to get through the difficult times, living in the present and allowing flexibilityin your life, being courageous and stepping out of your comfort zone, and taking actionsto reach your goals will definitely help you to achieve your miracle mindset

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