The Customeristhe CEO

Who is the most important person to a company? The customer is the most important person to everycompany.The purpose of business is to create and keep customers. Without customers, you cannot be in business.Every business andservice can only survive if you have customers. And companies cannot grow if yourcustomers are not satisfied and happy, they will not come back and they will not send you referrals.Many companies that survived the Pandemic had loyal clients that supported them and helped themthrough the crisis. One example is the restaurants, many food service businesses started deliveryservices, from a local sub shop to global franchises. Customers started ordering their meals online andby the phone from their favorite restaurants from fast food to gourmet restaurants.Many businesses have reinvented to serve the needs of their clients, some examples are supermarkets,car dealers etc.You need to start thinking of your customers and their experience when interacting with your business.This is especially important today where customers, empowered by technology, are demanding morefrom the companies they do business with.The problem is that most companies are leaving this important aspect of their businessto salespeopleand customer care representatives, the company CEO needs to take a more active role in the interactionwith the clients.If you want to set your company apart fromthe competition, you need to make customer experience anintegral part of your business,cutting across all sectors and departments within the company. You needto make customer experience a formal part of your company culture.TheCEOneedsto start thinkingabout andgettinginvolved in creating a culture of excellent customerexperience.The CEO must view the clients as a co-CEO and make them feel as the most important partof the company.We need to understand exactly what“customer experience”means.Customer experience can be defined as the customer’s perceptions and feelings that area direct resultof the customer’s interactions with your employees, your products, your systems, your channels, andyour company in general over the duration of their business relationship with your company.These interactions include every step of theirbuyer journey, from awareness and discovery all throughto purchases and services.People often confuse between the terms customer service and customer experience. The two terms arenot interchangeable. Customer service represents a single touchpoint between the target customer andyour brand.Customer experience, on the other hand, encompasses the feelings and emotions of the customerthroughout multiple touch points. In other words, customer service is just a single element of yourentire customer experience

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