Putting your best face forward

Dependingonwhatseason of life you are in,getting a shower ontheregularmightseem equivalent to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro,butthatdoesn’tmean that you should completelyneglectyour skin!Takingafew minutesat the end of the day,isrelaxing andsomething tolookforward to.Finding the right productsthat work bestfor your needs,isvery important and may take some time.Yes, evenI amguilty ofhaving a product graveyard.You know that drawer in your bathroomwhere skincare products go,when they don’twork,and you can’treturn them.So frustrating, right?!If you must purchase products fromthe drug store when you run in to grab your prescriptionorthegrocerystore,asyou grab a gallon of milk, be sure to check the return policy.Irecommend doing a14-daytrial. Most stores will allowareturn within30 days, but just to be on the safe side, 14 days is long enough to see ifa product will deliver the results that you are lookingfor.Since I amabrand ambassador for a skincare company that offers a full60-daysatisfaction guarantee, I am happy to try something new.You can getyour personalized recommendationshere.Ifyou don’t have afullskincare routine,you shouldat leasthavea goodexfoliator. Iuse a vitamin packed,sugar and salt based,scrub,3 times aweek.The vitamins help to nourish my skin and the sugar and salt,gentlyslough away dead skins cells.Exfoliatingreveals brighter,younger looking skin and isanimportantstep inyour skincareroutine.Not only does it feel amazing,but italso promoteshealthy skin.To thebusy stay at home parent or jet setting career individual, itprobablyseems like a luxurythat you don’t have time for. However,it only takesabout 3-5 minutes,2-3 times per week. Thiscan not only make adifference in your skin, but your confidence as well!Your face is thefirst thing people see and your skin is the largest organ. Why not takecare of it?It’s not just for the ladies, men should exfoliate too.

Remember those days of laying out in the sun, literally baking your skin,covered in oil? Yup, me too!Or perhapspregnancyleft you with morethan a baby and you have some lingering melasma.Either way,youdon’t have to suffer withstubborndarkspots. There areproductsandprocedures that you can take advantage ofthat can help turn back thehands of time.Speaking of time, did you know that it takesapproximately 30 days for healthy skin to complete its renewalprocess? As you age this time gradually increases, causing your skin tolose its luster, making those fine lines andwrinklesmore noticeable.Exfoliatingcanhelp to speed up thisrenewal processso that your skinwill appear healthierandmore vibrant looking. Allowing you to putyour best face forward whether you are in the board room or at theplayground.When choosing your skincare products,be mindful of yourskin.Doyouhave any allergies, or any sensitivity, like Rosacea, Psoriasis or Eczema?People with sensitive skinmightwant to stay away from chemicalexfoliants,as theymaycause irritation. Keep these things in mindwhenshopping,in stores or online.Since I am not a dermatologist,this is notto be consideredmedical advice,it is just mypersonalopinion.Pleasebe sure tocheck with yourphysician ordermatologist, before startingany new skincare routine

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