How To Overcome The Fear of Failure

Why are people are afraid to FAIL! What does it really mean to be afraid of failure?
To put it simply if you have ever experienced any setback, disappointment, or rejection in your life? It is quite likely that you will develop a fear of failure. Think about it, it is almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. People who are afraid of failure live life cautiously that they, never try anything new, never want to tackle anything new, project, start a business, career or get into a relationship. They are paralyzed by their BIG FEAR. They’re not really living at all. If you are afraid of failure, you might be unwilling to set SMART GOALS. But goals help you define where you want to go in life. Without goals, you have no sure destination for your journey.

Many experts recommend creative visualization as a powerful tool for goal setting. Imagine how your life will be after you’ve reached your goal, it should be a great motivator to keep you motivated and get started.

The truth is for some individuals, creative visualization might not be the best coping skill for overcoming the fear of failure. Research has shows that people who have a fear of failure were often left in a strong negative mood after being asked to visualize goals and goal attainment.

So, what can you do instead?

Start by setting a few attainable goals. These should be goals that are small, but not overwhelmingly, challenging. Think of these goals as “early wins” that are designed to help boost your self-confidence.

An example, if you’ve been too afraid to talk to your boss (who has the power to give you the promotion you want), then make that your first goal. Plan to stop by his/her office during the next week to introduce yourself.

Or, imagine that you’ve dreamed of returning to school to get your Bachelor’s degree, but you’re convinced that you’re not smart enough to be accepted into the college you would like to attend. Set a goal to talk with a career counselor or admissions officer to see what’s required for admission.

Try to make your goals tiny steps on the route to much bigger goals. Don’t focus on the end picture: getting the desired promotion, or graduating with a Bachelor’s. Just focus on the next step: introducing yourself to the department head, and talking to a career counselor. That’s it.

Taking one small step at a time will help build your self-confidence, keep you moving forward, and prevent you from getting overwhelmed with visions of your final goal.

Like always – You’re born for a purpose😎🙌

Tiehu Clarke

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