Exporting into an international market can be an exciting way to expand your business and choosing todo so in the United States is a great option to grow. After all, the United States economy remains thelargest of any country,representing about 25% of the gross world product. After the European Union,the United States has become the world’s second largest importer, reaching over $2.5 trillion onimported goods and services. The United States has 50 distinct markets and numerous multiculturalcommunities creating additional opportunities for your product or service.This opportunity, although exciting, comes with plenty of complex tariffs, taxes and requirements thatdiffer from state to state. To add on to these, the American way of doing business may be different tothat of your countries. Therefore, there are cultural traits that may differ between countries and mustbe resolved during the exportation process.The Right Product to the Right PlaceOne of the most important issues to consider when looking to expand to the United States is how wellyour product will fare in the U.S. market. The reason that the U.S. imports so many products andservices is because of other countries comparative advantage when it comes to producingproducts at alow cost.The United States can produce virtually any product they would like in the U.S., but countries like Chinaor Mexico and other countries with emerging markets can produce them for less. This is important toconsider, as your productor service will be competing with manufacturers and producers from severalother states to make the best quality product for the lowest possible price.Three Keys to ConsiderBased on our research and experience here at Global Trade Chamber, through helping smallbusinesses around the world expand into new target markets in the U.S., we have carved out threeincredibly valuable tips for companies considering exporting their product or service. The companieswho have these guidelines in mind are the ones wehave seen successfully export their business to theU.S.•Have a Trusted Partner in the U.S.•Research the Market•Pay Attention to DetailsFinding the Right PartnerThe quickest and most effective way to start doing business in the United States is tohave a reliablebusiness partner that knows how to import into the country. This U.S. based partner or distributorshould be able to give your company any information you may need when it comes to filling out aproper invoice, packaging,marking,and labeling your product may require.At Global Trade Chamber, we can connect you with a partner that will not only diligently follow all thosesteps, but they will also have made careful checks of the U.S. Customs and other government agencies

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