BusyBees don’talways Produce Honey

You’ve heard many people proclaim to be busy, but in actuality, it’s not a productive type of busyness.It takes a bee approximately 3-4 weeks to produce honey, and that becomes the prominent objectivewithin theallotted time.Whether in business or family matters, we must learn to prioritize our effortsand setgoalswithin a preset timeframe as well. Neverallow outside distractions to cause you todeviate from your goals and intentions,bydoingthings that simply don’t matter to you!When we dothis, we subconsciously give upor fail out of frustration,and end up feeling like a failure because yousimply got distracted.Focus on yourpurpose andwork the plan.Be quick to say “No” to things that pushyouaway, and say“Yes” to those things thatpullyouin alignment with ourgoals.Never be ashamed to say no, it will freeyou in ways that you can’t even imaginesuch astime, money, resources, frustration, anxiety,depression, and stress. You will have more time to pray, spend with family and friends,revisityourgoalsregularly, vacation, and have some much needed “me time!”Remember, time is more valuable than money, once spent it cannot be recovered. If you live longenough, you canearn themoniesyou may have loston the road to nowhere.Don’t be a busy bee, be productive and produce honey, time is money!Dr. Dee Thompson, Master Purpose Coach & Trainer

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