It’s Timefor YOU to Bounce Back!

Let’sadmit it: manyof us have lost something since the time of the pandemic. Whether thatincludeda peace of mind, finances, relationships and more, we can all attest that life has beenchallenging.Some of us were on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Many of us have looked to findhope in something in efforts to deal with political tensions, race wars and more. If we had to be honest,life has given us a couple of blows with short notice.I want to encourage several of you who are reading this article that just because you are downdoes not mean you are out. I understand you may have lost a loved one and are trying to figure out howto cope,ORyour business ideascrumbled,and you lost out on revenue. You may have had a similarscenario take place, but I want to encourage you to take time to lift your head up and to prepareyourself to bounce back!Here isa strategy for how you can bounce back!B: Believe in Yourself Again!Youdid not come this farto fail! Scripture states in Isaiah 54:17 that noweapon formedagainstyou shall prosper. Choose to believe this reportand believe in yourself again. Never kick yourself whileyou aredown; only lift yourself up in thought, emotions anddeed.O: OvercomeEvery Obstacle!Whetherit isa fear of failure, bad habits, or rejection,choose to develop a plan to help yourselfget up againand to bounce back as an overcomer! Shake off everything that has knocked you down andgo at it again!U: Understand Your Cycles in Life!When you get that life has its ups and downs, you can better prepare for life when you findyourself in a valley. Study your situations and even yourself and how specific events trigger yourresponses, andcombat any negativereponseswith discipline, love and planning.N: Never Stop Moving Forward!Yes, life will present wild obstacles and even setbacks. However, you must move forward! Nevergive up, andnever unplug from your life’s purpose. Wipe your tears, dry your eyes, take a deep breathand RESET! Move forward!C: Come out of Your Cave!Life’s obstacles, adversaries and disappointments have sent many of us into caves of loneliness,despair and hopelessness. Some of you have stopped dreaming and many of you have sat onyour talents. It’s time for you to come of out of your cave of despair,hopelessness and defeat,and totry again

E: Execute Your Dreams with Positive Energy!Choose to invest in dreams again andcreate a plan to bounce back. Develop a timeline, find ateam, and seek support. Then, capitalize on your positive energy andflow in your level of greatness! Youare too valuable, andyou have too much to offerto the world to fade away and die in despair. Executethose dreams, own your amazing energy and make it happen!! You got this!To conclude, each of us can reset and bounce back from the setbacks of life. Choose to believe inyourself again, overcome every obstacle, understand your cycles in life, move forward and execute yourdreams, and BOUNCE BACK like never before! The best is yet to come, and I am cheering for you!Dr.India WhiteSpeaker, Author, National Ed. Consultantwww.india-white.comFollow me on social media!FB: MsIndiaWhiteLI: TheIndiaWhiteIG: Indi238Twitter: IndispeaknteachYT: Indiawhite123

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